Who We Are

About Revolution Church

Revolution Church desire is to revolutionize the lives of the people in our neighborhood, city, country and world through the lived out Gospel of Jesus Christ. We exist to serve, love and build radical believers of Jesus Christ. If you are a revolutionary this is the church for you.

Revolution Church mission and vision


Revolution Church exist to bring glory to God by serving it’s community through the love, grace and mercy of Christ with the message of hope and change through Jesus our Lord and Savior.

The mission of the Church of Jesus Christ has been the same since her inception. The message is the same, but the methods are new. The call is consistent, but the context is ever-changing. Our mission statement succinctly describes our heart at Revolution Church. First and foremost, we are Christ-centered. We exist to bring glory to God. This is the chief aim and purpose of humanity and all of creation. The glory of God is ultimate. The Scriptures, our sacred text, share the wonderful news that God is glorified through changed lives. Life change is both an event (salvation) and a process (sanctification). Initial life change occurs at salvation, or new-birth. This is the result of a person placing his or her faith in the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. This begins the process of a life change. The rest of the Christian life is a sequence of becoming more and more like Christ, namely, sanctification. The Bible says this is in fact God’s will for us. Both salvation and sanctification are evidences of God’s grace in our lives and are appropriated by faith. It should be noted that in our mission statement “life change” is conditioned by a qualifying statement: the gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe that people’s lives can be “changed” by a dramatic event, traumatic news, or an enticing culture. But, the only kind of change that allows a person to have a right relationship with God the Father is through the gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel is this: Christ died for our sins and He was raised to life three days later.


The vision for Revolution Church is to have lives changed holistically through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is our desire to see lives impacted positively through the expressed fruits of the Spirit in the members our fellowship in economics, health, family, missional living and community.

Where the mission of the Church is solid and static, i.e. not open for change, the vision is a growing and flexible understanding of God’s specific purpose for our local body. The vision of The Village Church is dynamic and unique. We believe our 5 core values accurately reflect God’s thematic purposes for His people. The desire of Revolution Church is to see these values expressed by our members. Our membership has covenanted to join together in this endeavor and pledged to stand unified in our expression. We also desire to extend these values to our community. The “community” of Revolution Church is ever-expanding and is not confined by a geographic or demographic boundary. We have a community of people who attend the church during weekend services, a community of people who are serving overseas, a community of people who are a part of Revolution through various forms of media, and a community of people who surround us by the very nature of where we all live, work and play. Success for our church is not an attendance number, a large budget, or recognition; rather, success is an expression of our values through our church as we extend those same values to our various communities.